Monday, January 15, 2007

Cat Tree

Pooh: Hey Puff, mom wanted us to show everyone how dad built a custom made "Cat Tree" for us.

Puff: Don't tell anyone, someone might see it and ask dad if they can have it.

Pooh: We can't keep this quiet, heck dad posted the instructions on our website!

Puff: Oh great, now every cat in America will have a scratching tree like ours.

Pooh: That wouldn't be so bad. Just imagine if every cat in the country was as happy and contented as we are?

Puff: Yeah, maybe you're right. Okay, go tell everyone to go see our cat tree here.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Lilly - Criminal Dog! (part 2)

Lilly: They're back . . . do you remember me telling you that the long arm of the law reached out to me as a result of our neighbor calling the sheriff because I bark? Remember this conversation? Well, they were again called in to issue mom & dad a citation because I do what I'm supposed to do... bark!

Puff: This is so cool, Lilly the 'outlaw dog' - living under our roof... or should I say you're hiding out here?

Lilly: Yeah, can you believe this guy keeps calling the sheriff! He never calls mom or dad, just calls the sheriff . . . what a strange person we have living next door.

Puff: Are you guilty?

Lilly: Of course I'm guilty... I bark!

Puff: That guy must be like me and Pooh, he must not like dogs. I can't blame him, of course.

Lilly: Well I can tell you that dad is getting tired of this. He went to the Sheriff's office the other day to see if there was anything he could do to help solve this problem. He and the Sheriff talked for a long time and the bottom line is that mom & dad are going to go to court next month to get this taken care of.

Puff: Will they arrest you or dad?

Lilly: They will only arrest me when I start attacking cats that think they are funny!!! No one is getting arrested, the purpose of the court hearing is so that everyone can tell their side of the story and a judge (who I hope likes dogs) will decide who is right.

Puff: What's with our neighbor? How come he doesn't just ask you to shut up, or ask mom to gag you?
Lilly: Understanding human motivations and peculiarities is far above your level of understanding... I only know these things because I am "man's best friend". This neighbor is a bit eccentric and apparently just doesn't like friendly puppies like me. So, as they say in the movies,
"To be continued..."

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Famous Cats

Pooh: Hey Lilly, last week I told you that Puff and me are movie stars and had one of our videos featured on YouTube.

Lilly: Oh yeah, I'm still trying to figure out why anyone would take time from their day and watch two cats sleeping. I'd rather watch paint dry.

Pooh: Well I can tell you that almost 600 very smart people disagree with you because that's how many times our movie has been watched by an adoring public - who are asking for more!!!

Lilly: You have got to be kidding me. People are THAT bored?

Pooh: Boredom has nothing to do with the appreciation of fine artistic productions and two magnificent movie subjects. I can see it now... "The Adventures of Puff and Pooh" - how two beautiful kittens defend themselves from a polar bear-looking dog and lived to tell their tale.

Lilly: You are a sick cat. Someone must have told those 600 people that mom was giving away free dog bones or something.

Pooh: Think what you want, all I know is that Puff and I now have a following. And, due to the many requests for more, I'm going to point everyone to our famous movie... "Where did the water go?"

Lilly: You won't mind if I check it out later, right now I have some important things to do... mom needs some animal-therapy and the best thing that helps her cope with you two cats is by loving on a big dog like me. She needs to hug me and rub me all over... doesn't do much for me, but she seems to like it. She calls me her "therapy dog".

Pooh: Wow, and you think people are bored because they watch our movies? How bored must mom be?