Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Dog days of summer

Not just whoof, but.... WHOOF!

Pack leader here... I now know why they call this the "dog days of summer". We've just had the hottest, driest July I can remember. Forest fires are raging to the east, north and south of us, and there does not appear to be any rain in the immediate forecast.

Our Great Pyrenees, Lilly Belle has been lethargic to say the least. That fur coat she wears is not making her life any easier. And the cats... Puff and Pooh always try to conserve their energy, but I think they have enough stored up to stay awake for the next month. Even little Minnie (the mouser) prefers to hide out in the garage instead of sniffing around for fresh rodent meat.

And even the 'ol pack leader (that's me) has had trouble raising the energy to keep this blog current. I don't know about you friends, but this is one dog who is ready for fall and some cooler weaher!

I think I'll go lie down somehwere in the shade....