Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Hip Dysplasia in Dogs

Lilly Belle was diagnosed with severe hip dysplasia as a puppy, and we decided to schedule her for surgery in December. This video show the trouble she encountered when climbing stairs. One week after this video, she underwent surgery to receive a new hip.

We consulted with our local Vets and decided to have Lilly's operation performed by Big Sky Animal Medical Center in Great Falls, Montana. The surgery went exceptionally well and Lilly is now in the recovery phase, wich takes about two months. During this time we do not let her run free, climb stairs or use her back legs to jump, stand, etc. It is important to let the bone fuse around this new cobalt hip of hers.
Lilly is doing very well, but she is bored and restless due to the confined space we must keep her in for her own protection. You can also see the x-rays of her hip joints after the surgery. To learn more about hip dysplasia and see our videos, photos and x-rays, go here.