Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas!

Lilly Belle & 'Ol Saint Nick himself!
Ho, ho, ho. . . .

Well here it is early Christmas morning and I'm waiting for the 2-legged dwellers of this place to get out of bed and continue with the festivities of yesterday. Man, I like it around here when they start bringing the outdoors inside, potted trees, hanging bright lights and decorations all over the place... so much to get into and so little time!

Oh yeah, that's me (your favorite Great Pyrenees pooch) and some funny dressing guy called Santa Claus. He fed me cookies to pose beside him so that he could get his picture taken. Mom giggled the whole time, but dad seemed embarrassed and kept out of sight.

Today should be fun like yesterday was; seemed that everybody was feeding me treats I'd never tasted before.... mmmmmm good! I'm not sure if this was the reason I bugged mom 3 times last night to go outside. I know she doesn't mind, I think she likes it when I wake her up when it is dark and she gets dressed to go out in the snow with me. Hey, I could hold it until next Wednesday if I wanted to, but I know she enjoys this special time together with me.

Wait... what's that? Either one of those danged cats to chase or one of the tall critters are stirring. It must be time to start playing Christmas again. I REALLY like this time of year, I guess you do too! Sooooooooooooo . . .

Merry Christmas to all!

(yeah, even those cats, Puff and Pooh and Minnie too... I'm feeling good!)